The Plan of the ages with Inez Nance

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Hello my name is Inez Nance a lover of God and a lover of people.


What others are saying about Inez Nance

Inez Nance is an incredible gift to the body of Christ. Elder Inez and I have ministered together over the past 25 years.  She serves as an Elder at Destined to Win Christian Center and has served in multiple capacities throughout her 16-year tenure with the ministry. Inez has been “a rock” in partnership as we began to pioneer our ministry in Hyde Park & now in Park Forest Illinois. Inez has a unique gift mix.  She has keen administrative insight for order and over the years has proven to be a rare breed with her faithfulness as an initiator. —Apostle/Pastor Kelvin Easter   Read More

“Elder Inez Nance is a blessing to the Body of Christ. She has a heart for God and people. Inez is an evangelist and an intercessor. She has prayed for and led many people to the lord Jesus Christ.”–Reverend Rene’ Vance-Wagner  Read More

“Elder Inez exudes lavishly, the love of God in her countenance of the Word and in her explanations of God’s word, through her transparency. When I hear her voice, I want to curl up right next to her. I feel her presence of wanting to commune with us in her passion for Christ; Also in wanting to transfer it to you, so it sinks deep in your heart !
Thank you Elder Inez for your heartfelt expression of compassion and patience towards me and all who are willing to learn from you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!! Lovingly forever grateful Wanda.”–Wanda Moore  Read More

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