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Apostle/Pastor  Kelvin Easter

Inez Nance is an incredible gift to the body of Christ. Elder Inez and I have ministered together over the past 25 years.  She serves as an Elder at Destined to Win Christian Center and has served in multiple capacities throughout her 16-year tenure with the ministry. Inez has been “a rock” in partnership as we began to pioneer our ministry in Hyde Park & now in Park Forest Illinois. Inez has a unique gift mix.  She has keen administrative insight for order and over the years has proven to be a rare breed with her faithfulness as an initiator.

She is a high-impact prophetic speaker, exhorter, and leader. Inez has led Destined to Win Christian Center’s prayer team for 16 years, facilitating both in person and virtual early morning prayer sessions. Inez has ministered effectively for women in prison and has a passion for outreach. She has been a persistent and reliable warrior over the years who hears from God through dreams, words of knowledge and words of wisdom. Her greatest passion, which I appreciate, is her commitment to grow in Jesus, the Christ personally. In my opinion, she is an excellent revelatory teacher who is committed to sound doctrine. She has a determination to teach the whole counsel of God and keep Christ at the center.

Inez has a heart of gold, understands honor, and serves with integrity.  Intimately,  she has been a gift to me,  my wife and our entire family. I have high admiration for Inez and strongly recommend her ministry as she is a gift to humanity.

Apostle/Pastor  Kelvin Easter

Reverend Rene’ Vance-Wagner
Elder Inez Nance is a blessing to the Body of Christ. She has a heart for God and people. Inez is an evangelist and an intercessor. She has prayed for and led many people to the lord Jesus Christ.
Elder Inez is a superb teacher as well as a prophet. She was ordained at Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church in Chicago, Illinois under the late Apostle Dr. Clifford E. Turner. She also served on the praise team. I had the privilege of serving with her on the ministerial staff at Abundant Life Teaching Center in Harvey, Illinois under the late Pastor and Prophėt James Elliott Watson. We also served together at Destined to Win Christian Center in Park Forest, Illinois under Apostle Kelvin Easter.
Inez is an encourager, exhorter and a mentor to many. She is a psalmist with a melodious voice and a true worshipper. Last but not least, she’s a great friend. Enjoy, be blessed and receive from the ministry of Elder Inez Nance.
Reverend Rene’ Vance-Wagner
Alicia Spence
Elder Inez, affectionately known to me as “mother Inez”, a beautiful soul indeed very transparent she’s like an open book when it comes on to Souls being delivered and brought to the kingdom of God. She’s a mother and I consider her one of my spiritual mothers, especially for the short time I have come to know her. She has imparted me, so much in ways that as transformed my life. She is a great mentor. When you hear her speak, you hear what is on the inside of the heart of God. Today, I can testify that anyone who comes in contact with this woman of God, I guarantee you– your life will be transformed. I am a testimony of that Grace.
Alecia Spence
Gwen Lucas
Inez is my Sister in Christ, my friend and my mentor.
Her life reflects her commitment to obeying the two greatest commandments revealed 
by Jesus our Lord and Savior. To love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind
and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. 
I had the honor of being a student in the Sunday School class she taught at 
Destined to Win Christian Center. Her gift of teaching is profound and she 
elevated my desire to go much deeper into the Word to increase my understanding 
of who God is and how to love, worship and serve Him. 
She is a worshipper of God, prayer warrior, and an encourager of the children of God. 
With all the talents and gifts she has been given, she remains one of the most loving, 
kind and humble servants of God that I know.
I am so blessed and grateful to know and share this Life in Christ with Inez.
Gwen Lucas